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The goal of this site is create a relevant knowledge base that would answer questions related to Odoo.

Therefore questions and answers can be edited like wiki pages by experienced users of this site in order to improve the overall quality of the knowledge base content. Such privileges are granted based on user karma level: you will be able to do the same once your karma gets high enough.

If this approach is not for you, please respect the community.

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50 反對
30 插入文本鏈接,上傳文件
750 您的基礎資料可以被視為提示工具
50 刪除自己的評論
100 標記無理的,關閉自己的問題
300 編輯帖子,查看冒犯的標記
500 接受任何回覆
500 刪除所有評論
500 關閉所有帖子
1,000 刪除所有問題或回覆

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